About the help desk


I needed a place to publicly place certain information on the web and I already had a 24/7 server so why not make a page. Some people would like to use the apps I make, others just want to know what I'm up to. Feel free to use the apps at your own risk and don't get weird about the location or I'll have to take this whole thing down. That being said, look around and feel free to contact me (info in the footer).


So the location on the right shows my last updated location. The information is only as accurate as the blue circle and that is only valid for the time stamp at the bottom of the image. If I know you, feel free to ask me what I'm doing in whatever town I'm in; I'm not gonna think you're a stalker. I don't think my location needs to be private, but if someone abuses the system I can turn it off or manually set it.